Wednesday, May 11, 2011

//Log Date: 2281-10-22 09:33//

<<UserID:Webb>> Uuuuurgh. The water around here may be pure, but the whiskey sure as hell isn’t. Haven’t had a hangover like this since that night in the Hub... what... six years ago?

My tongue feels like a fuzzy piece of rotten mutfruit. Tastes like it, too.

Where am I? Victor’s place? That’s right, the old clunker said I could crash here. Ooof... where’s my pack... ah, there we go.

*Sounds of metal clanking and canvas straps being adjusted, followed by door hinges creaking.*
Good gravy, that’s bright. I’d swear I found some sunglasses on one of those ‘Gangers... here they are! Much better.
Right. I heard from Chet that Route 15 is seeing some trouble to the North, so that’s probably out, but the Goodsprings road hooks around to the west and then curves back up north, tying into Trail 160 to New Vegas, at least according to my map. Might be a little longer, but it still seems like a much shorter path than the loop down south through Primm. That should let me easily beat Checkers back to New Vegas, even with his head start.
For now, I’ll bid a fond “farewell” to Goodsprings. It’s definitely the most pleasant place I’ve ever been killed.
//Recording Ends//

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