Friday, May 6, 2011

//Log Date: 2281-10-21 14:07//

<<Unidentified Female>> --ure didn’t take their time, did they?

<<UserID:Webb>> Which way are they coming?
<<Unidentified Male>> How many are there?
<<Unidentified Female>> Southwest, through the bighorner pens, and--
<<UserID:Webb>> Damn it!
<<Unidentified Female>> --there’s about half a dozen, including Cobb.
<<UserID:Webb>> Those barricades are facing the wrong way, now. Did Easy Pete come through with the dynamite?
<<Unidentified Female>> Not sure. Come ON, we’ve got to get down there.
<<Unidentified Male>> Lead the way, Smiles.
*Sound of running feet and a dog growling.*
<<UserID:Webb>> Trudy! You all okay?
<<Unidentified Female>> Well! Nice of you to join us, Doctor. I see you brought Mr. Ringo as well. Some friends you’ve invited into town, Mr. Ringo.
<<Unidentified Male>> They ain’t my friends, and you know it.
<<Unidentified Female>> Whatever they are, they certainly--
*Distant bellowing and roaring, accompanied by a steady rumbling.*
<<Unidentified Male>> What the hell is that?
<<Unidentified Female>> Oh, god. Oh, god! They’re stampeding the bighorners towards us!
<<Unidentified Female>> *Expletive Deleted*
<<UserID:Webb>> Don’t just stand there! Shoot the--
*A loud boom.*
<<Unidentified Male>> *Expletive Deleted*
<<UserID:Webb>> *Expletive Deleted*
<<Unidentified Female>> Guess Easy Pete DID find that dynamite, after all.
<<UserID:Webb>> That explosion turned the stampede right back into them! Come on, while they’re trying not to get trampled!
*Sounds of gunfire, shouts, and continued rumbling until the recording abruptly cuts out.*
//Recording Ends//

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  1. Photos look great! Looking forward to your next installment. Oh, and if you happen to find yourself in Sloan, say hi to Snuggles!


    P.S. For some reason IE will allow me to leave comments, but not Firefox, hmmm