Friday, March 23, 2012

//Log Date: 2281-11-07 07:21//

<<UserID:Webb>> --not all that bad.
*Sounds of chewing, along with a crackling fire.*
Not bad at all. PIP-Boy says it’s damn healthy eating, too, with almost no rads. What did you say these critters are called?
<<UserID:Boone>> Lakelurks. Guys used to report sightings of them around Camp Golf.
<<Unidentified Female>> “Lakelurks”? Who comes up with these names? That sounds like a body of water that’s about to sneak up on you.
<<UserID:Webb>> Heh. Well, it certainly tried sneaking, at any rate. Nice shooting, Boone.
<<UserID:Boone>> Hmmph. Stupid thing was coming right at us. Hell of a way to start the morning.
<<UserID:Webb>> Still, good eating or no, I wonder what the hell it is.
<<UserID:ED-E>> 010100110111010101100010011010100110010101100011
<<Unidentified Female>> That explains the taste.
<<UserID:Boone>> What?
<<UserID:Webb>> Wait, what?
<<Unidentified Female>> Just wondering if it was mutated from some sort of fish. Tastes like fish. Or, you know, what I’d imagine fish to taste like. Hey, do you think we could catch a real fish, rather than a fish-man?
<<UserID:Webb>> No, did you just understand ED-E?

<<Unidentified Female>> You mean the eyebot? No, of course not. Absolutely not. No way. Maybe.
<<UserID:Webb>> ...How?
<<UserID:Boone>> She’s lying. It’s just beeps.
<<Unidentified Female>> Right, absolutely. There’s no possible way a Brotherhood Scribe could listen to so many binary-encoded transmissions that they start to make sense without a decoder.
<<UserID:Webb>> ...Holy <i>*Expletive Deleted*</i>.
<<Unidentified Female>> Jeez, Doc, watch my virgin ears.
<<UserID:ED-E>> 010000110111001001100101011000010111010001101111
<i>*More silence.*</i>
<<UserID:Webb>> Well?
<<Unidentified Female>> Well what?
<<UserID:Webb>> Did you understand that one?
<<Unidentified Female>> Nope. He DEFINITELY didn’t say you have fishman bits in your beard, either.
<<UserID:Boone>> Heh. You do.
<<UserID:Webb>> ...Goddamn it. Where’s my handkerchief?
//Recording Ends//


  1. Just read through the entirety of this blog and loved every moment of it. I was wondering what you were going to do when you met Veronica, and I'm glad you have Boone still sticking around, since it's interesting to see interaction between two of the follower characters. Also jeez, I remember when I met these guys' Lirelurk counterparts in FO3 and freaked out. After fighting all these crab monsters, last thing I was expecting some crazy fish man!

    Anyway, keep up the great blog, I look forward to seeing the next update.

  2. Read the whole blog from beginning to end... I am just engrossed in the lore now. I hope this blog continues.

  3. Oh my god please tell me you're going to continue this.

    Please, it can't die now!

  4. Deader than Joe Cobb :( It was amazing while it lasted, though!

  5. Some 2012, 2013, 2014 comments are provided. I need to stock up the 2015 one now.

    Joking aside, this one hell of a work. I wonder what another project that has keep you from updating this blog. I want to read more of your work honestly.

  6. And I provide the 2016 comment. I occasionally think of this every once in a while and give it a re-read. It's been a heck of a ride.