Wednesday, October 26, 2011

//Log Date: 2281-11-02 03:23//

<<Unidentified Female>> --still not sure what was so very important that you had to get me up out of my nice warm bed in the middle of the night.
<<UserID:Webb>> Again, sorry about the hour. But I think you’ll agree, this is something that just couldn’t wait for the light of day.
<<Unidentified Female>> Well, if you say so, young man. I must say, you scared the stuffing out of me, pounding on my door like that. Woke me from a sound sleep -- I thought it was raiders for sure! Or maybe those ghouls from the REPCONN site, finally making their filthy move.
<<UserID:Webb>> Yes, all sorts of monsters get up to mischief at night. You’d know better than most.
<<Unidentified Female>> And just what is that supposed to mean?
<<UserID:Webb>> Oh, I’m sure it’ll hit you in a moment.
<<Unidentified Female>> Now listen here, Doctor, I don’t appreciate your tone. I’ve opened the doors of my establishment to you, gave you a place to stay when you came wandering in out of the wastes, and you’re pulling me out of my bed and making insinuations that I don’t appreciate from anyone, especially a stranger
Novac is better off without that sort of behavior. Just show me what’s so important, and we can both get back to our beds, where decent respectable sorts should be at this hour.
<<UserID:Webb>> Don’t worry, I’ll have you where you ought to be before you know it.
See? Here we are.
<<Unidentified Female>> In front of Dinky? I can’t see anything in this dark, and I don’t like being outside the town walls. What on earth did you bring me out here for?
<<UserID:Webb>> To show you something. Here...
*Canvas rustling.*
Carla Boone wanted me to show you my new hat.
<<Unidentified Female>> New hat? What’s this about the Boone woman? What sort of nonsen-
*A rifle shot, followed by the soft brief pattering of liquid falling on rocks and then a weight hitting the ground.*
<<UserID:Webb>> All for a thousand caps...
Jesus *Expletive Deleted* Christ.
//Recording Ends//

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